Do not use gym and exercise? What and When You Should Eat to Build Muscle

Do not use gym and exercise? What and When You Should Eat to Build Muscle
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Diet Plan for Building Muscle
Everyone is your passion to create a strong and beautiful muscle for which physical activities are important but it’s also important to food.
In fact, the amazing food the right way with the right balance of hormones the body is creating.
Here is a mention of the nutrients that are useful in creating muscles.
Although the physicians of the experts still do not agree that the meat is harmful or beneficial, but one thing is clear, the use of meat increases the levels of a hormone testosterone, especially if low-fat meat meals often use ( Not daily).
Eggs are full of vitamin D, which helps keep the level of testosterone in normal blood, an egg should be part of your diet daily, but it is necessary to consult the doctor before eating it more.
Improves blood during melon, which has positive effects on the heart and helps keep the level of cholesterol controlled, the problem is that it fits in a certain period of time during a certain period of time.
Cabbage reduces the level of estrogen (family hormone) in the body, while the level of testosterone increases, it is beneficial to eat it in any form.
Honey is perfect for strengthening the physical defense system, it can be beneficial to use a spoon honey daily.

Garlic contains a chemical which reduces stress which helps in making devices indirectly.
The ingredients in grape slow down the effects of aging while it helps in increasing testosterone levels, which is beneficial to use this delicious fruit daily in some quantities.
Seeds of all types are full of vitamins D and protein, which can be soup, salad, stem or eaten in any form; These are not only helpful in maintaining testosterone levels but also keep the heart healthy.

Milk is a vitaminrich drink that helps make the dairy, it contains calcium that strengthens the bones, and increases the level of vitamin D testosterone.


Despite the fact that muscle construction is more than 80%, many people reduce its importance when its muscles are built.
Instead of being muscles, damnated means instead of building the muscles of the muscles, you will fight fatigue, nausea and headache with each step. However, when you get enough water, your body receives fluid and electrolytes at the right level and can therefore work better. Actually, the American College of Sports Medicine has recommended that you get 17 to 21 fluid water from the water after more than 1717 potato.
In addition to the advantages in the gym, the right amount of H2O can actually help you avoid maximizing your new muscles and thickness with thickness.
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