Exercises to Reduce a Fatty Waist & Buttocks

Exercises to Reduce a Fatty Waist & Buttocks
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Exercises for the Stomach, Waist and Butt 

Slim Waist exercises:
Stand straight The foot is almost one feet open. The arm is upright on top of the head. Rotate the ground outside the waisted left foot. Then touch the ground between the bells and the feet and the feet. Then touch the right foot. Then stand straight and come back to the first position. Make this exercise ten to fifteen times.
Stomach and legs exercise:
Stand straight Stay with the arm aspect. Take the maximum up the left hours. Hold with both hands near the knee and ankle to the body. Meanwhile, keep the bang straight. Keep the leg leg up while keeping this leg down. Once in a row, lift the left leg once, and count up to five. Make this exercise work for six to twenty times.
Exercise of waist and buttocks:
Stand open feet. Take the top arm up and down the elbow to the top. Now bend the waist from the waist to the left. Slip down with left-handed leg and drag right arm along the right. Then return to the first position. Now bend the left arm and bow on the right. Bend left and once at once. And count counted up to five. This exercise will take twelve to eighteen times.
Arm, shoulder and waist exercise:
Stand open feet. With arm arm Lift one arm up Hold this arm forward. And take the lower rotation while taking the lower side, namely, one arm is down, then the other is going up. After completing half of the circulation in this way, turn aside. Do this exercise ten to fifteen times.
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