How to Protect Skin During Cold Weather

How to Protect Skin During Cold Weather
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Tips to protect your skin from the cold weather
Winds in the air from running dry in cold weather is less cold and dry winds this ratio be moisture affect our skin as well.
Walking in cold weather reduces moisture ratio in the air, cool and dry, affect our skin. Especially dry weather is very sensitive to women’s skin, cold weather adds to such skin tastes. If proper care is taken in such a season, not only can the skin be protected from the effects of dry weather, but it can also increase its beauty and growth. In order to keep your skin healthy and refreshing in the cold season, you should drink more water so that the skin moisture can be obtained. Avoid the use of soap soap for cleaning of skin, because the use of soap causes decreasing the natural humidity of the skin.

According to experts, milk is a natural source of dry skin and basin skin care. Milk harvesting is very useful to keep soft vomiting in the winter season. Take 3 spoons of milk with your fingers on the face. Dush the skin quickly. Its daily use makes the face soft and shiny.
The moisture of dry skin to nrkarar honey plays a key role with laptop skin honey freshness continues. In the winter of peace by canoe the upper milk, rose water basin and giving turmeric to face even more beautiful skin in cold weather to cold weather than it is possible to achieve. Female in cold weather skin dry skin spot, either the face also like them permanently soldier. Such women were honey, olive oiland rose water can be maintained also by the beauty of the skin, apply. From the effects of land use cosmetic skin is useful.
Rose flowers and chronge and paste it in the morning, dousing milk use as a cosmetic. It will save the Abtin skin from the effects of the skin, as well as make the skin soft, fresh and beautiful, a few drops in the basin. Cocktails and milk mix face and hands. Dry for the skin is perfect
To avoid the effects of cold weather, choose the nutrients that contain zodiac quantities of minerals and vitamins. Carefully take care of your skin so that you can enjoy freshness and refreshment and enjoy the winter.
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