How to save women from heart attack and heart disease problems

How to save women from heart attack and heart disease problems
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Women and Heart Disease
The human heart is something that begins to bite before all people are born and even after a few minutes after the death of death. Where does energy or power come from? You can only answer the Almighty Lord if all the other components of the human body are made and only the heart remains, life remains tense, but if a healthy person leaves the job, he can not live. .

Heart disease was not equal to the year 1900, but every quarter in the United States and every third in Pakistan today is due to heart disease.
Day by day increase in the number of patients with heart disease, the rate is the number of deaths from cardiac patients 30-40 percent of these elements are many reasons behind the data, and the greater proportion than that of adults there is a sense of understanding or ignorance. Women target, in this case, and why women who need to know that there are women who constantly ignored, despite the risks, since it is very complicated in, domestic and family social affairs.
What is the heart

  Your heart is an invaluable source of power. This requires 5to 6 liters (20 to 25 liters) of blood in your body every minute. It is important to understand the heart diseases that we first understand how the heart works. The heart is also a combination of muscles such as muscles and it also requires blood, oxygen and nutritious foods to do their job. The heart returns about a million times a day. And blood transfers the blood circulation system to the body. From the lungs to the lungs, fresh oxygen and body is necessary for the body to reach every corner of the body and every cell. The blood in the withdrawal is derived from each cell by the intake of carbon dioxide, as residues away from the cells. This is the process without which we can not survive.
First of all, it is important that you know yourself and point to these identification problems and establish yourself. Women have to ask for some reason and ask for their health.
. Are you over  50 years old?
.The next person or a stroke near you?
. Do you have some kind of heart disease?
. Do they have high blood pressure?
. You have high blood cholesterol?
Do you live with cigars or cigarettes?
. Do you have a sense of self-control?
Do you have more weight?
If there are more than one of these questions, yes, you are close to many dangers associated with heart disease.
Despite so many factors, it is not necessary for a visit to the heart to be incomplete, but if you are careful, you can break your life before it becomes problematic, it is important to check your health every day. Continue to do so.
Diets to preserve heart health, information about keeping heart disease out of disease, and access to healthier information are easily available. However, often women react to a doctor when they feel very ill because of their health and immediately have to be treated as a medicine.
Most women who are involved in the emergence of doctors, if chest pain is not serious, because of which cause incredible loss, often early symptoms are sufficient. Heart disease is a short breath of stairs or heavy clothing causing respiratory failure after taking if someone tries to identify the symptoms identified immediately to see a doctor before some risks Take and be late.
Provide healthy food and emphasize exercise Exercise for exercising at least 30-60 minutes immera.To most use of vegetables that make the heart healthy. Avoid problems.
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