Stroke | Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Treatment

Stroke | Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Treatment
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Everything you need to know about stroke
A stroke is a medical condition in which brain flow results in the brain’s death. There are two main types of strokes: oxygen, due to lack of blood flow, and bleeding, hemorrhagic. He is a part of the brain that does not work correctly.
There may be some reasons for shocking, such as death of a loved one, severe financial loss, immigration of rich relatives, deprivation of beloved, and other types of causes can also be a shock. Those who suffer from trauma are usually nervous But weaknesses and intention of intention are such a minor level,
In the case of severe trauma, human death can also be resurrected. The blood pressure of the person suffering from the trauma is dangerous, it is dangerous, the nutrients are weakened, but the intensity increases more than 100 times in a minute. It is very painful and its color becomes yellow, in such cases a serious mental disorder may also be a result of weakness or inauspicious illness, if such a patient is erected, he gets angry, after which he feels very weak in the body and severe thirst. Expresses,
Protective measures:
1. Put the patient in such a way that the feet are higher than the head, if there is a result of injury in the head, do not overthrow the feet of the patient but put them in a half-sided condition.
2 .If the patient feels cold, then blanket him.
3 .If the patient is conscious, then feed it with a semi-hot drink.
4 .If the patient accepts pain, give spiral or any other medicinal pain.
5. Avoid conversation or question questions more than the patient and encourage it.
6 .If the patient becomes unconscious, bow down his head down and backward and hang on one side.
7 .If the patient complains about the throat, then stretch her tongue with your fingertips.
8 .If patients get drunk, immediately clear this task, remember that the head is tied back and forth so that breathing cannot be taken in its lungs,
9 .Don’t try to feed the patient in a sense of humility.
10 .Let try to get medical help as soon as possible.
There may be many causes of resentment, such as injection headaches, trauma, poisoning, fear of physical illness, multitude, diabetes and heart attack etc.
If there is no reason for immediate apprehension, then review the following issues:
1 .
Why is the patient breathing the right way? If not, turn its head back and forth, pull its jaw and the tongue forward if you are caught in the throat, then take it out. It can not breathe. So start the process of breathing your mouth,
2 .
If the patient ‘s blood is getting too high, then the blood should be stopped immediately,
3 .
Why is the patient unconscious due to shock? In such a situation, his head should be removed from his body and loose clothes,
4 .
While this is the heat stroke being charged? In such a situation the patient will not sweat and it becomes red, it will become hot, as if he feels sharp fever, if the symptoms are found, keep the patient away from the sun and his head Warm up with cold water, if possible, use of ice water is also useful.
5 .
However the patient’s neck or waist bone is broken. If you think that, then find a wound or a broken bone, but as far as possible, if the patient should not shake or the waist or the neck turn tightly or risk to be more harmful. ,
6 .
Why is there any problem in the patient’s throat? It is confirmed after the patient has a neck and waist bone, but there is something stuck in her neck, then a person for this is around the patient’s waist By applying a knife that both of his hands are on his stomach, with the help of his nurse, give a patient a glance to the top, this process will remove the air from the patient’s lungs out of the patient’s throat. If you need, repeat this process several times.
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