The elderly men decrease the risk of diarrhea in high levels of testosterone

The elderly men decrease the risk of diarrhea in high levels of testosterone
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The heart of Murtaza is one of the best known diseases in the world, but it can be prevented by dieting in everyday life.

According to an investigation in the United States

The older the testosterone level is naturally increased, reduces the risk of menstrual illness than those with hormones.
The study has been published in the American College of Cardiology. Research in 2,500 people in Sweden 70 and 80 indicates that the elderly with testosterone levels do not have heart attacks for people with low levels of hormone. .
Common problems including major health problems such as obesity can reduce the level of testosterone. But experts who work in this study also mention many other factors, such as weight, blood pressure or early diabetes, diagnosis of heart disease or stroke.

Despite health factors, the highest person in testosterone is at least 40%less than the risk of heart disease or stroke.

One of the reasons for increasing the level of testosterone can be better for the heart to reduce fat levels in the body and may be part of the muscles.

Do not like gourmet food?
According to research, before eating milk based products in clinical therapy, there is a good effect on blood vessel health and can only help reduce the risk of acne.

During the research, researchers looked at more than 58,000 women between the ages of 35 and 55, who were patients with high blood pressure, as well as from 40 to 75 years of age as part of the study.
All of these people asked about 60 questions about eating habits, while reviewing medical records, parallelism and other aspects.
The researchers found that excessive use of curd reduced the risk of bleeding in women by 30%, compared with 20% in men.
He said the trial was still ongoing, and the result of the mixture led to a rapid divergence in testosterone, cholesterol or blood sugar levels by changing the body.
Treatment of female hormone therapy has a dangerous consequence. Before 2001, many women treated hormonal changes in the hope of resolving ailments and osteoporosis. Large-scale trials in the United States find that women who provide estrogen and projacerone tablets increase the risk of bleeding, heart disease, fluid and breast cancer.

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