What should I eat for beautiful skin?

What should I eat for beautiful skin?
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Five Foods That Make You Beautiful
Who does not want them to be beautiful and happy and smart. Many people use different creams, lotions and masks to soften the face of the skin with soft skin, lubrication, and mood. In particular, women spend sufficient money on their beauty, although they make a mistake that such foods There are also available, which can increase beauty and beauty. Some of these five nutrients are being mentioned in the food that will make the face beautiful and good.
Shimmer peppers contain large amounts of vitamin C and foliage, which help eliminate the ends of the face. The specialty of the eyes, especially eyes, is slowly disappeared and serves health to your skin, as well as it includes vitamins B2 and foliage. Therefore it also eliminates anxiety. Heart disease also decreases.
Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate contains flavonoids and it is antioxidant, therefore the use of this chocolate keeps your skin bright and young. Dark chocolate protects your face from being shy of sunshine .In addition, it reduces mental stress which reduces the face on the face and the face opens open. Increase heart health in the benefits of dark chocolate and Including stress prevention.
Lime is the treasure of vitamin C, so it helps to eliminate black spots, acne and nails in the face. It also removes skin diseases especially eczema.
One of the features of Vitamin C is also that this strength increases the immunity and removes many diseases from you. Lymphs are especially beneficial in eliminating infection and reducing the severity of respiratory infections.
The yogurt contains lactic acid that repairs the skin cells and burns it. Before the time, the growth rate prevents prevention from getting on the face of the eyebrows, those who cure their skin. And want to be good, therapies recommend taking care of them. Besides this, cereals also contain calcium and vitamins, which include joint diseases, especially the bone filled with bone (osteoporosis) It’s away Having a ban on restriction, the digestive system remains valid, because it contains a large number of health care.

The egg contains vitamin D and biotin, which is also counted on vitamins. It saves the human skin from nails, fibers and nuts. Apart from this, egg power also increases in defense. Indians who have anti-oxidants, thus remove the amount of malignancy in the white part of the cornea and prevents them from being absorbed. Moreover, egg provides energy to you. It also contains proteins that are bones And it is very important for muscle.
It helps to poison your body toxicly, and leaving your skin looks fresh and more shiny. Orange nails that break continuously and can reduce the scarcity of water. By grappling over water on a daily basis, you will promote the development of nail and prevent dry, fat cuticles.
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